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A world in which gender is not used to determine one’s worth or opportunity


Since prehistoric times, symbols have been how humans express meaning in the absence of a presenter. The symbol needs to represent the same to the reader as the presenter lest the message be lost or misinterpreted.


So when an organization or individual comes to us to do their visual brand, it’s a meaningful responsibility and we appreciate that they are entrusting us with delivering their message. A message that must communicate in an instant and on many levels.


This was particularly the case for us when the National Council for Research on Women approached us to make visual their new brand, Re:Gender. It was a shift of vision and self perception for an organization with a long proud history of doing meaningful work around gender issues. There was a lot at stake and this was, while in total alignment with who they had become, dramatic.


This video tells the story better than we could:


The colors needed to be gender neutral and the overall aesthetic contemporary.

The colon, as shown in the video, means that this is about gender.

The symbol underneath the “re” is a modern interpretation of the ancient Celtic Awen symbol and conveys multiple ideas:

The tagline is purposefully placed under “gender” to convey that gender is the subject of the researching, rethinking, and reframing.

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